Promotion Requirements

Judoka (people who practice Judo) wear a colored belt that indicates their level of proficiency in Judo. This ranking system is divided into two major categories, kyu and dan.  

Individuals just starting their journey in judo enter the kyu ranking system. This system starts at 11th kyu (Jūichikyū) and ends at 1st kyu (Ikkyū). Ikkyū is the final grade in the kyu ranking system before a judoka enters the dan ranking system.
Belt colors for kyu ranks are not standardized and can be different for various countries and organizations. 

Individuals who have reached sufficient competency in judo enter the dan grades and are identified by black (1st – 5th dan), red and white (6th – 8th dan), or red belts (9th and 10th dan). 

The links in the drop-down menu for Promotion Requirements provide information on the minimum competencies required for promotion at the club. 

There are no belt testing fees or separate belt testing days all evaluations are done in normal classes.